Monday, June 9, 2008

Make-up the Breakdown

* This is a play on Hot Hot Heat's album...

[I really should be writing my final project, but...]

I don't wear make-up. The last time I can recall fully wearing make-up was....senior prom??!!!! Maybe my sisters' weddings, but I doubt it. Why do I not wear make-up? There are a few reasons why...

-It's expensive. That's one [or ten] less things I need to spend money on.
-It's confusing. First of all, I have no idea what shade of brown I am....mocha? latte? beige? light beige? beige light? I remember buying make-up for a high school dance many moons ago, and staring at the wall of foundations [? i don't even know what the hell it was...concealer, maybe? I think foundation...] and thinking...'damn.' Secondly, I don't even know what type of products they have out there and whether I'd need them or not.
-I don't know how to wear make-up. Seriously. Give me a piece of make-up, and I'd probably not know how to use/apply it.
-I don't want people to get used to me wearing it and expecting me to look like that all the time.

Even though I'm holding out on wearing make-up, I feel like society is expecting me to. We associate make-up with looking older, which I definitely don't. I'm tired of feeling like people don't treat me as a respectable adult, because I am. I feel almost devalued as a person, because I'm not treated with the same courtesy as other adults [albeit I am only in my early twenties].

It's funny; people tell me that I should appreciate "looking so young," but it's hard when you're at this stage in your life, where you want to be respected and treated like a [soon-to-be] working woman.

Bottom line: I don't want to conform just yet [except maybe for graduation].