Tuesday, January 27, 2009

16 Things

I found this on Fbook...you're supposed to share 16 things about yourself and since I like sharing...here goes!

1. I get embarrassed easily.

2. It's easy to make me feel guilty too.

3. One of my secret dream jobs is to be a fashion designer....so I can make my OWN clothes. But I wouldn't want to deal with the hoity-toityness of the industry or the fact that I'd be employing models that make other people feel bad about themselves [that sounded very Zoolander-esque].

4. I don't like it when guys wear running sneakers as regular shoes.

5. I've never had my own birthday party. Once my friends threw me one in 8th grade though. And I've had get-togethers in college...but one day I'm going to throw a bash, with invites and dressing up and all that hoopla!

6. I look into mirrors a lot, but not because I think I look good, but rather the opposite.

7. One of my embarrassing moments in life would have to be... all of middle school. Need I explain more?

8. I like love stories in movies/books where it almost seems like unrequited love...but I'm a sucker for happy endings so I want them to be together in the end.

9. One of my talents is that I notice when people get haircuts. I think it's quite useful because [I feel that] people want their haircuts to be noticed.

10. I have a horrible tendency to compare myself to others, which leaves me feeling inadequate and dissatisfied with myself.

11. It bothers me when people can't recycle their soda cans. Are you that f-in lazy?

12. I'm worried that I'm not ambitious enough...maybe I'm destined for greater things, but I wouldn't know it because I'm not pursuing them.

13. I wanted to be a Disney animator when I was younger, but then I realized a) I couldn't draw the same thing twice and b) I'm not that good.

14. I wish I was artsier....like the hipster artsy.

15. When I see old couples holding hands....it makes me smile because I hope to have that one day.

16. It's hard for me to watch movies that are based on books after I've read the book because I criticize it too much [it doesn't fit what I imagined]....interestingly that doesn't occur when I read a book after watching the movie.

Bonus: I don't mind eating just mustard on bread. Or salsa on bread. And I tend to be a "negative nancy"...but I'm working on that.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Post Secret

That Frank Warren is a smart guy...maybe smart isn't the correct adjective I am looking for...but who would have thought to ask people to share their secrets on a little postcard and have them become a huge phenonemon?

I have to credit my friend Anna for being the one to tell me about it...I actually thought it was called "Poe's Secret" at first because I hadn't heard her correctly. I read the book and was shocked, humored, saddened...and surprised at the ones that I felt could have been my own [mainly the lonely/confused/romantic ones haha].

I don't check out the PS blog frequently, but I enjoy going every now and then. It's nice to know that we aren't alone in our feelings, even when we feel like it. Whenever I'm on the site, I like to mentally write my own.

If I were to send in my own Post Secret, it'd say...

well, I guess I can't say or it wouldn't be a secret anymore.