Friday, June 26, 2009

Quick Thoughts

Random thoughts:

- I am not a fan of patent leather....I don't think it looks that great
- A good number of my fellow co-workers have an i-phone [my entire team...well 4 people, all have them], but I can't justify paying that much, when I don't really utilize my phone right now...and especially with other bills that I will be paying/have to pay [i.e. possibly cable/satellite]....
- Bally's made me really mad this weekend when a personal trainer wouldn't allow me to use the only pair of 5 lb dumbbells, because it was in the "personal trainer area"...I pay for the gym so I can use the damn equipment!
- I have become such a homebody...I need a life
- I also need to clean my room
- Why can't I get up in the morning?
- I need some new clothes, haha
- MJ died??? That is very sad

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Take Me Out to the Ball Game!

Today I went to my second-ever live professional baseball game/first Dodgers game in fabulous downtown LA.

Our company [well one of our fabulous employees] secured 2 stadium suites for today's game...which can also be thought of as BALLER STATUS. I will probably not be sitting in a VIP suite again anytime soon, so it was very cool getting to sit in one like all the other fancypantsers out there.

Anywho, as we [my fellow coworkers] were taking side streets to get there, we passed through Hollywood and K-town, and I realized that I know nothing about LA. I embarrassingly know very little about the city I work was like being in a whole new world.

Coming from a small town, as well as a college bubble, you'd think I'd be ready and rarin' to go and explore...instead I have my little routine that takes me to work-home-gym, with little deviation. It's not like I don't want to...but a few things hold me back: 1) I do not like driving 2) I do not like parking/finding parking/paying for parking and 3) I have no one to do these things with - my bf is 400 miles away, most of my friends are AWOL, and the friends I do have heere, have their own lives.

So...I am a hermit.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Forgetting the Past

I've been home-home since Wednesday, and as you can see from my sister's blog, we have been fixing up my oldest sister's room; a project my middle sister and her husband started before they leave for 2 years! [I'm so sad, I will miss having them only an hour away!]

Besides spending time with the fam, my goal/job was to clean out my old room, which was no easy feat, as it held a mish-mash of things from since I was a kid til high school. Now, a lot of stuff is cleared out, but we won't be painting or tearing out the "carpet" anytime soon.

As I've been going through my old stuff, I've come across some great, ahem, treasures; aka ugly pictures of me from middle and high school, middle school notes and letters from past friends, and other things of that sort. I've been reading through them, and I forgot how awful middle school was and how awkward things were!!!

Usually I am very sentimental [I must be if I've kept all this stuff for that long!], but I'm finally ready to let that all go. I've read through the notes and looked at the photos one last time, and I'm having a good laugh.

It's funny how fast time flies.