Sunday, October 4, 2009

Train of thoughts

I was just thinking, and I realize I do less now than I did in college.

In college, I would be juggling 5 things at a time.

Now I'm not even juggling.

I miss being busy. I think I need some hobbies or something. But after a day of work, all I want to do is plop down and eat an ice cream bar.

I don't get how people can have kids and work.

My parents came and visited me yesterday because I am sick...I love my family. My parents are so cute and awesome even though they are very protective.

I am sick AGAIN.....I don't know what I have...maybe a cold??

Speaking of cold the weather is cooling down, thank goodness because I was tired of sweating in my room.

Trying to watch online videos on a 5-year old computer with an OS that is 2 generations old on a 1.5 mbps internet speed [approximate] can prove to be difficult when the video and audio aren't in sync! I tried to watch an episode of The Office on hulu, and the video was delayed by about 2 minutes.....2 minutes!!! That's a lot...and annoying.