Sunday, January 23, 2011


as the years have passed by since i have finished undergrad, i have become more and more anti-social.

just this evening i went out to two bars on la cienaga with the manfriend and our buddy. as i rarely drink, i was dd. the first club sucked major balls because it was super cramped and very loud (which i think sums up 90% of bars). amazingly, this place was still hip-happening, evident with all the 30 year old ladies in teeny tiny dresses or super tight pants and sky-high heels.

the second bar/restaurant was still loud, but at least we could sit. as i was sitting there while the gents were looking up restaurants on their smart phones, i realized that i am anti-social. i was seriously the mood-killer of the night because i hated being there. so not only am i anti-social, i hate people too!

i think one reason for my anti-socialness is that i don't really see people. as many of my friends in school have moved away, my social circle has decreased significantly. and as i only see like 6 people at work a day, my ability to expand this circle has been very difficult.

i don't know about other people, but making friends is hard in the "real world."

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy New Year(s Resolutions)

Wow, 2011??!?! When did this happen? I can't believe how fast time has flown...and in just a few weeks I'll be celebrating my two year anniversary at work.

Anywho, to kicks-tart the new year, I guess I should have some resolutions:
- exercise regularly: I have not worked out since....March? And it definitely shows (I've become my own bakery with rolls and muffin tops...mmm bakery....). I'm not trying to be a fitness guru, but at least get in the minimum amount to be healthy.

- be organized: I am a sloppy Joe...I at least can understand my chaos...but after seeing multiple "HOARDERS" episodes on TLC, I know that I can't let things get that bad.

Those are my main resolutions...pretty boring.