Sunday, March 27, 2011


I was recently on some website browsing something (vague I know, as I honestly don't remember what it was for), and I came across one of those captcha security settings (aka where you have to type the word/letters listed to ensure you're not a bot), and the one I happened to have looked like this:

The first word looks like "rentroo" and the second is...dreidel symbols??

Music notes??

All I know is ...WTF?!

(Of course I got it wrong, so the site made me do another captcha, but luckily that one was more legible).

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Products I Recommend

Since I don't know what else to write:

Moshi PalmGuard:

I have schwetty, greasy fingers; to avoid leaving that shine on my (sorta) brand-new macbook, I recently invested in the moshi PalmGuard (as well as the keyboard cover). What it is is basically a thick sticker that is placed over the bottom half of the keyboard (including the trackpad). It's not really a sticker (I don't think....), but it's the same just stick it on! I highly recommend it; while not a 100% perfect fit, it gets the job done and protects my laptop!

Izze sodas (clementine flavor)

It's nom-nom, and comes in a glass bottle (I think beverages in glass bottles taste better). The ones in the aluminum canister are just not the don't be fooled!

Woolite laundry for dark clothes

Protect your darks (don't you hate when they fade?). So far it seems to work....haha.

Bose Around-Ear Headphones
For about two years I owned a pair of $20 Sonys...unfortunately my head was too fat, so wearing them for more than 5 minutes made my head hurt. I first tried on these headphones in an Apple store, probably in 2006/7 and fell in love...I can't feel a thing when I wear them. I saved up and eventually purchased a pair a few years later.

Thrifty Ice Cream
Apparently this is only available in California (score!). Thrifty has award winning ice cream for a reason: it's delish! It's just the right amount of cream + cold + flavor. Their mint chocolate chip is the best...the "chips" are thin shredded/grated pieces as opposed to hard it doesn't hurt to eat. NOM.