Saturday, April 23, 2011

Crazy Dreams

I have been having some cray-cray dreams these past few days...I usually tend to remember them pretty vividly when I wake up (albeit I forget some details by the end of the day), but here is what I remember:

Last Night's Dream:
I remember being in a museum, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt is there. He is going up a flight of stairs (those modern looking wooden slab ones) and I happen to be behind him. I try to be a "cool" fan by not approaching him. As I go upstairs, there is this AWESOME buffet of goodies, especially desserts (like gelato and pies). I am getting ready to get a plate....and that's all I can remember!

The Night Before Last's Dream
I'm in this bookstore/treehouse/elementary school room-type building that is pretty packed with people. There is this guy from my elementary/middle school there (his name is Mitchell) and he's telling me that I've gotten fat. I also remember Zac Efron being there for some reason. I remember standing in a corner of the classroom, and I fall off the steps  (I think). That's the only part I remember.


Monday, April 18, 2011

To the Powers that Be

I know someone who wants something very badly. And this person totally deserves it.

Please make it this person has been trying very hard.

This happens to a lot of people who don't even want it to happen to them, so please make it happen for this person.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

My Beef with...

Shoes are meant to be comfortable. They are not meant to cause irritating rubbing and painful blisters. Also sandals are not meant to be smaller than one's foot. I used to really like your shoes, as you actually sell smaller sizes, but lately I feel that you haven't been as awesome as you used to be. To all the designers out there, try your shoes out first before selling them to the masses.

I enjoy the concept (outdoor music festival with a hundred (ok, probably less than that but I am too lazy to count) independent/local artists with art exhibits as well), but I have a few beefs with Coachella:
- layaway payments BEFORE the line-up is announced...that just doesn't make sense (I personally would not buy anything in advance without knowing what I am paying for)...I don't know what the percentage is of people who used lay-away (maybe that is a factor in the sellout? I don't know), but I feel that lay-away shouldn't be made available until the line-up is
- scalpers...because this event is so pricey (and with this year's record sellout), I feel that the scalping situation will only get worse - it seems desperate people may be willing to pay that much. It's so disappointing that there are people out there who will buy tickets/wristbands and/or create fake wristbands just to scam people and make money in dishonest way.
who sells 6 wristbands just for the hell of it?! Seems a little fishy

- expensive hotel prices for motels that are not worth it...ok I get it, a business might as well capitalize on a high-earning opportunity, but a Travelodge charging $200/night when they normally charge $69???
- the amount of trash produced from this festival...people are lazy; if there is not a trash can within 3 feet of them, they will use the next best thing: the ground. Coachella should let volunteers who are willing to clean up for 4 hours a day go to the festival for free;  a win-win for people who can't afford tickets and for Coachella to handle their trash issue.

the Japanese earthquake/Mother Nature
- Mother Nature, that is one mean move to pull on a small country like that: first a 9.0 earthquake, then a devasting tsunami, nuclear leakage and now a 7.1 aftershock? Reading sad story after sad story, I feel like a tool every time I complain (yes, this post is ironic).

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Rachel Zoe's husband...

reminds me of Demetri Martin.

Friday, April 1, 2011

R.I.P. Mickie

Today my sister's husband's dog passed away. I know it seems strange to be sad about a dog that isn't even mine, but even those few moments I had with her proved that she was a really special dog. In part because it's that time of the month (TMI? Just a little), but also in part because Mickie was so awesome, I just feel so incredibly sad.

The first time I ever met Mickie, I was in high school. My bro-in-law (well sister's boyfriend at the time) was luckily cool enough to let me hang out with them at his casa (especially since casa de Yee was kinda no bueno haha). I remember moments of just sitting on their couch, and Mickie would come up to me, and of course I would start petting her, especially her belly (my sister told me that Mickie loved having her belly rubbed). When I would stop, she would give me that look of 'What are you doing? Keep going!' And I of course would oblige, because Mickie was a sweetheart. I'm sure I was just another hand to do her bidding (which is totally understandable since I didn't spend a whole lot of time with her), but she was always still so sweet.And never having had a dog of my own, she was kind of like a surrogate pet.

I will always think fondly of Mickie.

 *photo is courtesy of my sister...doesn't this photo make you want to go and hug her?!