Friday, October 28, 2011

Happy (Early) Halloween!

Per usual, I will NOT be doing anything to celebrate.

However, I still love costumes, and my work has been having a Halloween party since last year (I guess there were some before I started, but due to budget cuts and all that, fun was one of the first things cut).

Anyways, as my Anchorman costume didn't pan out ($70 bones to tailor the $10 maroon suit I found), the next best thing was to dress exactly alike as the biggest guy in my office (I also serve as his bodyguard).

*notice the matching "S" cups

Most young women tend to choose the "sexy" (aka slutty) route, but not I.

However if there was ever a "sexy potato" costume, I just might be tempted.

Monday, October 10, 2011


...this was the strangest comment I received:

I don't know what it means, but I'll be deleting it.

Friday, October 7, 2011

My Apple Story

I got my first Apple product in 2004, as a freshman in college...I remember that day like it was yesterday (instead of 7 years ago).

One of the many great things about starting school (especially college!) is all the fun back-to-school shopping (yay consumerism!!) - cool bedsheets, fun frames, new clothes, even a laptop!

In the summer before my first year in college, I spent weeks deliberating what kind of computer to get (Toshiba or HP???); an Apple computer had never even crossed my mind, mainly because people told me that pcs were better.

My middle sister told me that I should get the Apple iBook G4 for school; with a student discount, it even came with an iPod (whatever that was). Although I was skeptical, I ended buying up one (well, more like my oldest sister did...thanks Susan!! - I remember her carrying the big box to my dorm room...and the old boxes used to be HUGE).

It turns out, I actually loved my little white laptop. I remember many people on my floor being super impressed by my computer: "it's so small" [that's NOT what she said], "it looks so nice!" "it's so light!"

And the iPod....that thing was AMAYZING. I no longer had to carry a fat case of CDs, because all my music fit into this little device! I could put that thing in my back pocket!

Six years strong, I ended up getting my current computer (a MacBook Pro), since my old iBook was getting way too slow to use.

My iBook had run its course, but I am grateful for all the years it helped me write papers, check my mail, chat with friends, play my music on my little internet radio show...and so on and so on.


Thank you, Steve Jobs.