Friday, December 23, 2011

A sad, sad story...

Just saw this on Yahoo! news...and all I can think is W-T-F.

The article is about a young boy who was doused with gasoline and set on fire by a teenage neighbor in 1998; two weeks prior, the same neighbor sexually assaulted this young boy. However no charges were filed on the teen.

This poor little boy had burns on over 99% of his body; although he lived for another 13 years, he died of a rare form of skin cancer that developed due to his skin grafts.

The family was awarded a (symbolic) $150 billion settlement from the perp, but will never see the money.

I'm a little too tired to write anything more coherent/cohesive...this article is sad and scary....this little kid was walking in daylight to his friend's house - it just reinforces the scary thought that bad things can happen at anytime.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Don't Know Why I Like This...

but I love these videos:


Monday, December 12, 2011


The older I get, the worse my memory is.

I somehow have managed to lose a pair of jeans (and a pair that I really like)...the scary thing is I don't know how I lost them! I cannot recollect the last time I wore them.

I just hope I can find them.

edit (5/21/12) I found said pair of jeans...they were on the other side of the closet...HAHA.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Youth of Today

Just saw this on Facebook, and made me really sad. We all think of kids as being sweet and innocent (which I think they are until they hit elementary/middle school), but then peer pressure and the need to fit in kicks in and ruins childhood and turns some kids into evil, manipulative people who need to tear others down.

I do regret some of my actions in middle school; there was a time I wanted to be "cool" (luckily that phase passed quickly, especially since I realized I wasn't a "cool" kid and was never going to be one of those folks), but I probably could have been a nicer/better person (I don't think I was a beezy - I was too busy being shy!!! - but I probably could have been better in that I could have not cared about stupid social hierarchy balogna). I luckily never was bullied, although I was teased for my race (elementary school) and height ( whole life????).

Every time I hear a bullying story, it makes me sad; I just want to find that kid and tell them to hang in there, and that this bs won't matter after they get out of high school, because no one cares who you were or what you did - whether you sat at the cool table or not will not be on your job application (which, by the way, doesn't it seem strange that in movies, TV shows, and real life, the popular kids are usually the scheisty beezies who everyone else hates???)

Parents need to be involved with this type of do the parents OF bullies feel??? I hope they are not teaching their kids to be that way.

Anywho, found this nice follow-up video that someone made that shows that there is more out there than what middle school and high school has to offer: