Saturday, January 28, 2012


I am sick. With a horrible cough. That wakes me up around 2 am, and leaves me drifting on and off to sleep because of said cough.

I have the worst immune system.

Speaking of things that suck...aparment hunting. There seems to be no affordable 1 bd/1 bath WITH parking in LA.

WTHM,WTH (what the heck man, what the heck).

Monday, January 16, 2012

They're Not Related?

After watching Portlandia (season 1) on Netflix over winter break, I felt like Carrie Brownstein reminded me of someone. But who could it be...

She reminded me of Justin Long:

It's their soulful brown eyes, moody gaze, and slightly pursed lips.

Maybe I'm crazy?

Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Barstow Outlets

For those of you desert locals, you may know what I'm talking about...

I was reminded about the outlets today when talking to one of my sisters, who was outlet shopping today.  That got me thinking about outlet shopping in the desert, and (I think) the closest one to R/C is the Barstow Factory Outlets.

I have only been twice in my life, I think both in my high school days. The first time I went, I remember it being pretty big/busy (I remember getting a pair of black and blue DC skate shoes...ugh, I know....haha). The second time I went (probably a few years later), it was like a ghost town, with most stores gone and the majority of the building vacant - apparently it is like a 150+ stores outlet, and only 5-6 are still in business now.

I was trying to find out what happened, but there aren't any news article. Did the owners file for bankruptcy? Was it just the economy forcing all those businesses to close? And/or did all/most of the stores decide to move literally across the street to the newer outlet mall?

Below is a video (not shot by me) about how the place has become a ghost town (which always makes me a little sad hearing stories like this).


Also found an interesting blog about "dying"'s actually very interesting!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Not Gonna Lie...

I am offended:

The above receipt was from a NYC Papa Johns.

The above is from a Chik Fil A in Irvine.

Couldn't the cashiers of both restaurants leave the name/guest ID blank???

I normally don't even notice these things, as I throw my receipts away...

Sunday, January 8, 2012

2011 Year in Review...

8 days later.

2011 was a so-so year - not too bad, but not super awesome either.

Here is my 2011 in review:
- moved out of my apartment... : D
- worked a tonnnn of hours
- learned my oldest sister is baking a bun in the oven (i will be an aunt in a month!)
- joined the smart phone club and got my first smart phone, an iFun

Haha, my year-in-review is not impressive, minus the aunt thing.