Monday, February 27, 2012


Today at dinner I had a discussion with the owner of my favorite sushi joint about celebrities and their obligations to fans. The topic came about because he had mentioned that at lunch today, his daughter saw Ty Burrell (of Modern Family fame) in the restaurant they were at, and was super excited about seeing him (Ty Burrell). So her dad asked for her if Ty could take a picture with her. I had asked if he (Ty) was nice about it, and thus our pseudo debate was born.

My personal opinion (and I'm not saying that it is right by any means) is that celebrities should treat their fans nicely, whether it be taking photos with them or signing autographs. I understand that they need their privacy, and that fans should use caution when asking, but at the same time, celebrities should understand that it comes with the territory. Celebrities get paid lots of money; and really, they are famous and get paid lots of money because of their fans. If people didn't watch their movies/tv shows/sports games, they wouldn't be getting paid, and people wouldn't know who they are.

And honestly, if they didn't think they weren't gonna get harassed once they became famous, then they are living in a dream world that exists in another universe - media outlets such as, celebrity mags (Star, Us Weekly, People), and Entertainment Tonight have been around for many years, and they need materials (aka photos, interviews, sound bites, etc.), so obviously celebs will be photographed wherever they and the paparazzi are.

Sushi owner said that it gets overwhelming for the celebrities and it's tough for them (well, something along those lines). Yes, I agree that it could be overwhelming, and yes, it sucks that they get bombarded when they're at the grocery store buying tampons or pimple cream, but having my photo taken everywhere I go doesn't seem as bad as, say if I were a bus driver dealing with cranky or crazy passengers, or a teacher with misbehaving students, or being a doctor who has to worry about saving lives on a daily basis. Every job has crappy parts, and to me, people wanting to have a photo with me or having a piece of paper with my chicken scratch on it doesn't sound bad at all. In fact, I would be flattered (I understand it could get old after awhile, but then that just starts sounding pretentious and shallow, like "wow, I am so awesomely famous that it gets boring/annoying that people are excited to see me").

I do want to differentiate between the paparazzi vs. fan behavior. I'm sure after awhile, a photo is the same to a celebrity, whether it's the paparazzi asking, or fans (and I'm guessing there are crazy fans who may just go and behave in the same manners as the paparazzi), but there is a distinct difference in what each wants. Paparazzi will do just about anything to get a photo or a video because that is how they will get paid.  (Most) fans just want something for keepsake.

I would like to clarify that I am not one of people that harasses famous people when I see them, but I still am in "awe" when I do see them ("dude, I think that was Steve Carrell pumping gas at that Chevron!!"). In fact, I have seen Craig Robinson (Darrell on The Office) at said sushi place, and was super excited (in my head, and to the manfriend) but I didn't go and run up to him and beg for a picture.

Bottom line, I think celebs shouldn't whine about that aspect of their job, especially if they are getting paid millions of dollars.

Monday, February 13, 2012


...nephew! So cute, and I am already in love with the lil' angel!!

He is half white/half asian, and 100% adorable...can't wait to meet the little guy in a few weeks!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

I'm stupid and I hate Dish Network

So after I moved out of my old apartment, I had my Dish service on pause.

Why? Because I was under the impression that if I cancelled my account, I would need to pay $150 ($50 x 3 months remaining on my contract), plus any cancellation fees.

So 6 months later, and about $35ish (to pause my account), I get an email saying that they are reactivating my service (regardless of whether I called them or not). So I decided to inquire how much it cost to cancel (I should have done this 6 months ago), and the customer service lady tells me $45, plus $17 to return the equipment (if I use their services).

ONLY $45. I AM DUMB!!!

So I ask at what point I could have cancelled and still be within that $45 window, and she got all bitchy at me and was like "Ma'am, it depends on how many months remaining." Which did not answer my question really, except that 6 months ago I could have cancelled my service and saved myself $35.