Friday, October 26, 2012

They're Not Related??

 On the left is Charlie Hunnam (circa his Undeclared TV show days), and on the right is Heath Ledger.

I started watching Undeclared on Netflix a few days ago, and I thought that "Lloyd" (Charlie's character) reminded me a lot of the late Heath Ledger.

Friday, October 19, 2012

This will make your skin crawl

So while I was searching for Extreme Cheapskates clips online, I came across this episode of Hoarding: Buried Alive:

WARNING: May cause uneasiness and the feeling of insects crawling all over your body.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

I felt disgusted when watching this for a few reasons:
1. Their crazy roach infestation made my skin crawl. I HATE cockroaches and I think they are disgusting. I don't know how that family could live like that for 6 years, with all those bugs crawling everywhere. When the camera showed up-close shots of the roaches and black widow spiders, I was creeped out!

2. The mother's denial. She seemed to take no ownership of the situation she and her children were in. She instead blamed everyone (her children and her husband) and everything (her disabilities) for why the house was as bad as it was. She wasn't alone in creating the mess, but I think her kids probably didn't know how to address the problem (I know the obvious solution is to just throw stuff away, but when things are that bad, I can see them feeling overwhelmed and just accepting things as they are. Of course that doesn't make it right, by any means). When the psychologist tried to help the mother, instead of facing and accepting that she has to be held responsible, the mother just pushed her away and called her a b*tch!

The daughter did most of the talking in the clips, and she was at least aware of how bad things were, and seemed embarrassed. But the mom seemed indifferent. The father seemed pretty absent of the situation (he had moved out), but he recognized that the house was unlivable.

In one of the clips, the daughter is either walking barefoot (or with socks), and I was horrified!! Aside from all the trash and bugs, there were used needles all over the place from her mom's medicine injections!!

I felt really bad for the kids, and while watching, I wondered what their friends/peers thought of them, after having this broadcasted on national television.

I'm glad they were able to clean the mess; I would like to see how they are now.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Too Good to Be Real

So today on Facebook, someone posted an article about a CPA who was featured on TLC's Extreme Cheapskates. Being the curious gal that I am, I clicked to read the article and was in total shock after reading it.

This woman dumpster-dives for food (and also served a meal of such found foods to her friend and his girlfriend when they came to visit), washes her clothes when she showers, does not use toilet paper, and hasn't bought clothes in ten years.

While she has paid off her (New York) apartment and probably has no debt, I personally could not live that way, especially since I am a germaphobe.

While browsing the TLC site to find the actual episode, I came across this sweet little gem of a clip...there are so many good lines, I feel like it has to be fake:


Some of my fave lines:

"I really wanted to buy this lowrider, and I had to get $3500 somehow...I got really lucky. The clinical study that I found online was paying the same amount. I had to put, uh, ointment up my butt. But I got a car out of it, so it was well worth it."

"I got pretty lucky. One of the ladies from Zumba said "Hey, my grandpa just passed away, if you want to live in our condo for free." In return, I'm supposed to mow her lawn, but you know, you can't beat free rent!"

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Sometimes I Think Project Runway Clothes Are Questionable....

So right now I am sitting on my bum, watching old episodes of Project Runway (I guess this is the current/2012 season), and this particular episode required the contestants to team up into two teams and design modern work-wear (or something like that).

Here are two pieces that the judges really liked (the blue dress being the winner of the episode's challenge):

The judges said that they could see women of all ages wearing the black and white dress, and the blue dress was something they could see women wearing in the office.

No offense to anyone that liked these outfits, but I thought the black and white dress looked kind of blah, and there appears to be strange bunching. The blue dress...what the eff is looks like it has a weird, wide turtle-cowl neck going on, and it seemed too form-fitting for the model (i.e. showing lumps and bumps). I'm not sure which office woman would be wearing that.

I personally felt that the neck was the ugliest part of the dress, and I don't know who would be wearing that, aside from maybe some fashion editor who is being "strong" and "edgy." I don't personally see the dress as that way, but whenever I flip through couture mags - which are NOT my favorite - I see tons of stuff like this...clothes that look like stuff in the Jetsons cartoon (jagged edges, pointy shapes, extra fabric in odd places). I don't know who really wears that stuff or wants to wear that stuff. I'm going to admit I am not a high-fashion person. My taste is simple silhouettes, which explains why I don't care for things I see in Vogue or Bazaar.

Maybe I am too much of a simpleton to "appreciate" this.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Mac Malware???

Tonight I got a notification from my (free) Sophos Antivirus saying that they detected a threat, "Mal/iframe-F."

Let me first explain that I am not a tech guru; I tried to search what is it, and this is all I could find:
Mal/Iframe-F is a small or hidden iframe within a web page that attempts to run malicious software. It is often used by attackers as the first stage of a larger web based malware attack.*
*Don't click on the link, it didn't take me anywhere useful.

That didn't really tell me anything helpful; I want to know:
a) what is going to happen to my computer because of this malware
b) what are the affects of the malware (is it a real threat for Macs??)
c) is it easy to remove?

I have a Mac - aren't I supposed to be safe from this??? (Ok, I know that as Macs have become more prevalent, more viruses/malware are being created to attack the Mac OS (look at me, trying to sound like I know what I'm talking about!)).

Anywho, I didn't really know what was going on, and my antivirus wasn't able to remove it, telling me that I had to manually remove it myself. Unfortunately, I feel that SOPHOS wasn't making it clear cut for Mac users on how to remove it (maybe if you work in IT it might be easy as pie, but as a simpleton everyday man, I need straight/to-the-point responses). 

So I clicked on a link (I think from the SOPHOS quarantine window), and it led me to this:

Since I wasn't running Windows, I eventually figured out to click the second link under "Your options," which led me to this:

(above was stuff about Windows that I couldn't capture)

After clicking on the Mac link, I was finally led to here (this is ok to click); basically there is a ton of info on that page, and it can be a bit overwhelming at first where to look.

I scrolled down to find what I needed, and luckily I was able to; infected file path name was 

I saw "Library/Cache" when scanning that webpage, and used the instructions below to remove the file:
  • Java Web Cache.
    If the file path contains “/Library/Caches/Java”,
    1. From the Sophos Preferences window, temporarily disable on-access scanning.
    2. Go to the Finder, hold down the Option key, and from the Go menu select Library.
    3. If the Library option does not exist, select Home and then click on the Library folder.
    4. Open the Caches folder and put the containing Java folder in the trash.
    5. Empty the trash.
    6. From the Sophos Preferences window, re-enable on-access scanning.
I deleted that entire folder (which was like 20k items - I don't even know what they are....hope nothing in there was anything I needed!). In addition, I am currently running another scan:

No threats yow.

Side note, I don't think any of my three earlier questions were really answered at all tonight...I am just really hoping that there is no shady biz lurking on my computer.

If you are wondering how I got this malware...I got it from a Fox News local website after searching for this:

What is that, you may ask? Is that a huge, lumpy rock? A bear, maybe? NO! It's a 1,000 lb HOG (that was like 9 feet in length...WTF?!) that some 11 year old shot with a gun back in 2007! I wouldn't have even known that was a hog if the article hadn't said so. I didn't even know hogs could get that big!

The article had a link to the kid's website, which I guess was infected with malware.

So why was I searching for a 1,000 lb hog in the first place? It was mentioned in some comments in an MSN article I read today (about how a 70 year old farmer was eaten by his 700 lb hogs - hogs can eat humans?!?!).

Am I slightly creepy and morbid? Of course. Do I (or anyone else) deserve to get malware on their computer? No way!