Friday, November 30, 2012

Hip Commercials

I was on Youtube, when I saw the below commercial; it took me a few seconds to recognize the song from the ad, which had me are some non-Apple commercials playing hip-happening music.

Michael Kors (2012)

Artist: LCD Soundsystem "Dance Yrself Clean"

Bacardi (2009)

Arist: Matt & Kim "Daylight"

Sony Bravia (2006)

Artist: Jose Gonazales "Hearbeats" ....cover of The Knife's version.

Zillow (2012)

Artist: Bright Eyes "First Day of My Life"

Diet Coke (2010)

Artist: Temper Trap "Sweet Disposition

Monday, November 26, 2012

Los Angeles Is Confusing

Let's say you're driving down Santa Monica Blvd, and you pass Century City - are you in Los Angeles? Why, yes you are.

Let's say you keep driving a few miles, and are now in West Hollywood - are you still in Los Angeles? No, you're now in the city of West Hollywood.

Ok, so you drive a few more miles and decide to take Sunset Blvd. to Hollywood - are you in the city of Hollywood? No, you're now in the district of Hollywood in Los Angeles.

Maybe it's just me, but I find it confusing figuring out which part of LA (to me, the whole area is LA, haha) is really part of LA.

Below is a handy map of LA and its neighboring cities. The area in white is "Los Angeles," while everything else are separate cities.

Here is a map of LA (click to view larger):

 Per the above map, the following neighborhoods/districts are still considered part of LA:
- Hollywood
- Brentwood
- Westwood
- Palms
- Venice
- Century City
- Koreatown
- Silver Lake

Here is LA and neighboring cities (click to view larger):

Per the above map, the following are separate cities within LA County:
- Beverly Hills
- Culver City
- Inglewood
- Santa Monica
- West Hollywood
- Compton
- Hawthorne

Thursday, November 22, 2012

I Have That Sweater!

Meredith and I have the same fashion taste:

Meredith (The Office; Season 9, Ep 7)
UO "Coincidence and Chance" Sweater

I was watching The Office last Thursday, and what do I see Meredith wearing? A sweater that I have purchased! TWINSIES!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Rain boots

I 100% recommend owning rain boots.

 These are $30 ones from Tarjay - probably not the best out there, but they do a pretty good job. In retrospect, I should have gotten a solid color, but these were the only available ones in store.

I bust those bad boys out anytime it looks like it could rain here in LA; in fact I just wore them now to make a quick run to my neighborhood Starbucks (to get their BOGO holiday drink - which is only select holiday beverages, even though signage appears to say "any").

I remember getting a pair of rain boots in undergrad because I was tired of having sopping wet jeans and shoes any time it rained (which, by the way, I think is one of the grossest feelings - wet socks...blech). When I first got to school, I didn't even have an umbrella, because I stupidly thought it never rained in LA; to my surprise, I think there was a record level of rainfall my first year of college! I remember waiting til I first went home (which was probably two months after school started) because I was too cheap to buy an umbrella in the student store ($40 for a UCLA umbrella - hellz naw!).

It wasn't until my second year of school, when I was wandering about a Target, when I thought to get rain boots; I've been wearing them ever since!

I like wearing rain boots because it makes me feel invincible in the rain - I see a puddle, and it's totally ok if I walk through it! It's starting to rain - a-ok because I don't mind walking in it since I got rain boots on!

So there you have it; my endorsement for rain boots.