Friday, October 18, 2013

They're Not Related?

I was browsing the latest issue of People Stylewatch, and they showed a picture of Rooney Mara sans makeup. I thought she had a striking resemblance to Loki (aka Thor's brother aka real-life actor Tom Hiddleston).

They both have a similar nose shape, high cheekbones, and pursed smiles.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Bread and Jam for Frances

I think I mentioned this before, but for the longest time I was trying to find the audio clip of the Bread and Jam for Frances cassette that I listened to as a child.

I went and borrowed The Frances Audio Collection book-on-cd from the library, but alas it was the wrong one.

I did some internet sleuthing, and was able to find it - I've put it together as a YouTube video.

Sunday, August 11, 2013


So true, Jamal, so true (from the awesome 90's show Ghostwriter).

(A clip I trimmed :) ).

Friday, May 31, 2013

These were my jamz...high skoo jamz.

You know me, I am super nostalgic.

I was searching for Saves the Day vinyl, and somehow started searching for songs that I used to listen to in high school.

While it seemed like most everyone else was listening to Kelly Clarkson and Usher, I was busy searching the interwebs for emo/pop punk bands who would sing the songs that were always in my sad little heart.


Fall Out Boy - Chicago Is So Two Years Ago

I think I first heard of FOB in 2003, when they were still in their band infancy and hadn't made it to MTV.  Chicago Is So Two Years Ago was my favorite song on the cd: I liked the melody, and the lyrics (my emo high school self, haha).

Mest - Back to the Drawing Board

Ahhh, another song that I would listen to all the time, mainly because I suffered from adolescent unrequited love.

New Found Glory - Hit or Miss

Ahh, such a catchy song. Hearing it would always make me wish I actually knew how to play the guitar I bought myself in the 10th grade.

The Get Up Kids - I'm a Loner Dottie, a Rebel

A good song. I first heard this on a Vagrant Records sampler that I think I got at Hot Topic (oh lordy, haha). I remember previously buying some punk sampler from there, and that was HORRIBLE. So this was an upgrade.

Saves the Day - Sell My Old Clothes

This is my second favorite Saves the Day song, after You Vandal (which was My Jam!). Wow, this totally takes me back to me singing along (very emphatically) and being super emo about my unrequited crushes. That sounds so high school.

Yellowcard - Starstruck

Man, I haven't heard this song in at least 9 years! I honestly don't remember where/how I first heard of Yellowcard. I do remember buying the cd and a poster from the Lobster Records site and totally listening to this song sophomore year on repeat, especially when I went to the HOBY (Hugh O'Brien Youth Leadership) program.

I was not a big fan of Ocean Avenue (their major label follow-up).

Motion City Soundtrack - My Favorite Accident

I found this song while watching Fuse (is that channel still even on?!?!), and it was love at first sound. I think this was my first exposure to a band using a moog/synthesizer.

I even saw them in concert; I even have a picture with the lead singer, who was so nice (he was an opening band), although I'm pretty sure I through threw away that photo because I looked like crap.

Reggie and the Full Effect - Congratulations Smack and Katy

Such a funny video.

Taking Back Sunday - Cute without the E

This song is actually pretty dark....but good 'n emo.

And now my bread and buttah....
Saves the Day - You Vandal

This managed to stay my favorite song (and band) all through high school.


Serial Joe - Mistake

I forgot that Fuse used to be Much Music. And I forgot how young these guys look...the lead singer looks 14! I never understood what he was saying.."Darla" or "Dahlo"?? Ahhh, "It's all" is what he is singing.

Gotta love the fashions of the early 2000s.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Don't Get Too Comfortable

Because you'll never know when the rug will be pulled out from under you.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Fix These Streets

LA has the worst roads ever. Aside from congestion/horrible traffic, the streets are so full of potholes, it's horrible. I'm pretty sure my tire alignment is effed up from driving over numerous potholes a day. They are unavoidable.

Apparently it will cost $3 BILLION dollars to fix the streets of LA.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Songs to Jam Out To

I do miss my radio days, because it's fun being a DJ - you get to choose the music to play! Also, the station would get a ton of new cds (especially new music), so I learned about a bunch of bands I might otherwise not have heard of. Since no one listened to my internet show, it was even better because there was no pressure.
Anywho, here are some song picks:

Hey Ocean - If I Were a Ship

The song is catchy, the lead singer plays some cool instruments, and the song makes me feel like I should be floating in the sky over an island paradise with tropical birds flying over me.

Hey Mersailles - Heartbeats

This song is actually pretty sad, but it's "hauntingly beautiful." Those are my quotes. Boo yow. Plus I love that it starts soft, and then the drums kick in. I don't know if this is a song to really jam out to, but luckily it's not that sad sounding where you feel all mopey after listening to it.

Love Inks - Too Wild [I don't think that is an official video]

This song is more on the slower side, so maybe this is more of a swaying/head bobbing kind of song. When I hear this song, I feel like I should be playing in a field of wheat where me and my hippie/hipster friends are jumping and dancing in slow motion, while the sun is shining brightly in the bright blue cloudless sky. There will also be scenes of us blowing dandelions and bubbles, in slow motion of course.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Age of Empires

This video is only funny if you played the computer game. Also, 10 seconds is more than enough of the priest's converting speech (aka the "wo lo lo") since this is a 10 minute video of just those sounds. Sadly this video shows just a stock image - if I remember correctly, in the game the priests sway a little when healing/converting.

Anyways, that game was totally awesome! I used to play it in the summers, and it was even more fun because I knew the cheat codes (which I would only use if it looked like my little colony would not survive - plus it took FOREVER to advance to the next age).

In the game, after using cheat codes to build my wealth, I would build a ton of houses (so I could have more men), and then after advancing, build military buildings, education centers, and temples. I would build the maximum number of temples so I could get a lot of priests. And then I would build a fleet of ships, with half of them filled with priests. Then I would go around and convert enemy/opposing colonies. It was pretty fun as a game.

Of  course the game had only so many levels, so once you reached the silver age (I think???), and you reached your maximum colony size, you couldn't do anything else.

I kind of wish I still had that game, just so I could play it again (aka cheat to win).

 Ok I just looked around Amazon to see if they even have any copies for Macs, and they are all like $! It's like $10 for the PC version!

Also the highest level in the original game (the only one I've played) is the Iron!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Another story about my hurr.

I finally got a haircut. Nothing drastic - the usual. AKA side bangs and layers.

But it was good to cut the length (even if it was just a few inches), because my hair was starting to get scraggly, and my bangs had grown out, so my fivehead was showing like a beacon in the sky - I hadn't cut my hair in 6 months!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

A funny story about my hair.

I was reminded of this story because earlier this evening, I was flipping through old magazines to find a picture of a similar hairdo I'd like to get (just your average bangs and layers 'do). I normally don't bring in pictures, but since I am contemplating trying a ~$30-a-haircut salon owned by some women who are non-native English speakers (per Yelp reviews), I thought I should be prepared in case I don't get my point across. I still seem to have that trouble even with the English-speaking hairstylists I've been to!

I have lived in LA for about 4 years, and I have yet to find a salon/hair stylist that I like. I have tried a number of places, with the average cost being at least $60/cut. For me, that is on the expensive side, and I feel like if I'm paying prices like that, I should come out feeling like a movie star. But not once have I come out feeling "Wow, I look like a BAMF!"

I feel like my hair itself is my biggest issue. I feel like it grows in jaggedly...maybe it's the way it's cut, but I feel like the ends as a whole look odd/not neat. Like, if you were to look at the back of my hair, the bottom of the hair looks pointy. And while my hair is straight, it's not very thick; it's thick when first washed, but gets pretty meh by the end of the day. Thin hair makes having bangs hard since they end up looking wispy and limp. But I need bangs to hide my big ole forehead. Add to that, I also have a very round face, so I can't just have any ole hairdo.

I am one of those people that needs to wash their hair daily, because by the second day, my hair is in flat/grease city! I am unfortunately not one of those people that can go every three days without washing.

I am definitely not a hair person. I don't do much to my hair, aside from straightening it or putting it into a ponytail. And my ponytails are not pretty. They are of the gym variety. I also don't know how to use a curling iron, and my hair always seems to be static-y.


So the above was not my funny story, but some background with my struggles with hair. The funny story

A few months back, a co-worker and I were invited to this program hosted by a big-name magazine. At the event were various motivational speakers, as well as product booths for attendees to visit and get free swag. One of the booths there was a "hair style" booth hosted by one of the big name shampoo/styling product guys (I forget which one).

At this booth, various stylists would style your hair in one of four "quick-'do" options. One was beachy waves, and another was a "red-carpet pony."  As this event started at 8 AM (or something super early), I didn't have time to wash my hair, so I had just thrown it into one of my "gym -looking" ponytails.

So when my co-worker and I were walking around this booth, two spokespeople approached about us getting our hair done for free, to which we responded, "okay!" My co-worker got the beachy waves, and since I had a ponytail, the guy who was styling me told me he was giving me the "red carpet pony."

I sat in the chair and tried to make small talk during his "styling." Basically he just used some mousse or hairspray and some bobby pins. I was done in 3 minutes and left, wandering around the area until my co-worker was done.

As I was waiting by the edge of the booth, one of the spokespeople (there were many), came up to me smiling and asked if I wanted to get my hair done.

I was laughing in my head as I responded, "Oh, I already did."

She looked embarrassed and replied, "Oh, okay!" and walked away.

So basically, my hair looks ugly and I don't know how to get or wear a "red carpet pony." WAMP WAMP.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I Need to Remind Myself to Be Grateful.

So I just read the following article via someone's Facebook page (article is from the NY Times). Basically the article (briefly) talks about a poor Chinese couple's sacrifices to put their only daughter in school, so that she can eventually get a good job and support them in old age. Currently she is in college. Like in the States, there are too many college students and not enough good-paying jobs, so there is great uncertainty if she will be find a job once she graduates. The article can be read here: In China, Families Bet It All on College for Their Children.

Sometimes I forget, but articles like the one above remind me to be grateful for what I have; I feel like this family's story could be anyone's story - it could have been my story, but it was luck or chance that it wasn't.

This article touches topics that I have been constantly thinking about: the cost of higher education, joblessness, poverty, income disparities, the economy, consumerism, class/income hierarchies and global warming, to name a few. Why am I thinking about these things? Mainly it's from reading various news stories online, but also seeing things in real life. When I'm at the mall or dining out, I can't help but feel guilty that I'm spending money on "frivolous" things, and also the fact that I can "afford" to do so (I put afford in quotations, because do I really have the funds to use on unnecessary things?), when there are millions of people in the world who are only surviving on one dollar a day. I think about these kinds of things when I'm driving through LA and pass through luxurious neighborhoods, and then in only a few miles, see rundown apartments and seedy-looking storefronts. Or anytime I see that little old Latina lady on the street island trying to sell floral bouquets, or when I see an empty restaurant/shop and hope that they have customers.

I feel like everyone's goal is to "make it to the top;" i.e. being successful. I know successful is a very subjective term, but I view it as being financially stable...aka well-off - like the next Zuckerberg. I know we all can't make it to the top, but I wish those that did would remember the people below them; i.e. paying good wages and using ethical practices (especially environmental) - I'm looking at you, big corporations!

In a nutshell, I just feel depressed thinking about the future, and I feel great uncertainty about it.

Monday, February 18, 2013

How to Remove Shadow Border on Blogger Images

In case you didn't know how to remove the shadow border on Blogger images:

If you are using the old Blogger interface:

  • Go to Dashboard - Design - Template Designer - Advanced - Add CSS - paste the following code [in BLUE] - Press enter after the last character of the last line } - Apply to Blog.

If you are using the new Blogger interface:
  • Go to Dashboard - Template - Customize - Advanced - Add CSS - paste the following code [in BLUE] - Press enter after the last character of the last line } - Apply to Blog.

.post-body img, .post-body .tr-caption-container, .Profile img, .Image img,
.BlogList .item-thumbnail img {
  padding: none !important;
  border: none !important;
  background: none !important;
  -moz-box-shadow: 0px 0px 0px transparent !important;
  -webkit-box-shadow: 0px 0px 0px transparent !important;
  box-shadow: 0px 0px 0px transparent !important;

Thanks to this site for the tip: Help Blogger.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Happy Birthday, Luc!

Today is my (only) nephew's birthday, and he is turning one! I have to commend my sister, because taking care of a baby is HARD. I only see him every few months, but the times we spend together is taxing (awesome, but taxing), so I can only imagine doing that every day.

I never knew how hard it is, and getting a small glimpse of what it takes to take care of a small being who can't really function on his/her own makes me really appreciate what my mom and dad - and all the moms and dads out there - had to do to take care of me and my sisters.

Anywhoooo, let's take a quick trip down memory lane to see how much he has grown!

Feb 2012
A newborn bebs.

(Early) March 2012                                                                                                     

This was when I saw him for the first time (my mom, other sister, and I came up to help for a few days)...the pic on the left makes me laugh because he looks like an old man.

I was really impressed with how alert he was; he was about three weeks old when I first saw him, and at my sister's baby shower, he was just staring at everyone/everything.

(End of) March

We all came home for my mom's birthday, and lil' Luc joined us too! It's funny, but looking back at the photos now, he looks a little alienish (cute alienish, I should say).

(End of) July

My sister and her husband and Luc came down for a wedding, so we got to spend a few days with him...we sadly didn't get to go to Disneyland (the ears were from an earlier trip).

It was fun to see how he was starting to show more personality - when I last saw him in person, he spent most of his time sleeping and blinking. Now, he was smiling and laughing and babbling a bit.

(End of) Sept

The whole family got together in September to celebrate my dad' b-day in Boulder.

Even though it had only been a month, he already seemed so much bigger and older! This guy was so smiley, and it was entertaining to see him so fascinated by the leaves on trees. Anytime we would walk near trees, he would want to touch the leaves.

(Early) Nov

My sister and Luc came down to the desert for some R&R...unfortunately Luc was sick when I picked him up, so the first few days were no fun for anyone. He at least was able to give us a smile!

Luckily, by the time they left, he was fully recovered, and was even able to have a play date with a baby friend! (it was early November, but since we were experiencing that crazy socal heat wave, we had to change him out of pants and a long sleeve into a short sleeved/shorts combo!)

(End of) Dec

So the entire family got together for the holidays...unfortunately the majority of it was spent sick! 

By this time, Luc had already learned to crawl! It was fun to see him get around. He had plenty of toys to play with: stacking rings (which he kind of learned to do!), his favorite stuffed animal (an owl), and a musical activity table with very catchy tunes.

He even started "dancing," i.e. shaking his head and waving his arm whenever he heard music - it was super cute!

I feel very grateful that I got to see him as many times as I did...I can't wait to see the kind of person he will become...happy first birthday, Luc!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Blast from the Past - Books

If you couldn't tell, I am a very nostalgic person. I always think of the past fondly, especially my childhood...I feel like times were much simpler (nowadays, I feel like kids grow up way too fast)!

Anyways, today, for some reason, I was thinking about a series of children's books I had read when I was younger; the stories were about a group  of middle-school aged girls who were misfit ballerinas. I couldn't remember the name or the author, so I kept googling random word searches. I came across a blog who not only documented this series (which is Bad News Ballet), but other books from the past.

remember these, sistas?!?!

I haven't taken a deep dive into the blog, but the author(s) wanted to create an archive of books from the past, especially those that have been long-forgotten (most I have not heard of), since there really wasn't anything like that online.

It was fun to see books from the 80s/early 90s...they have a distinct look, and it feels like the same illustrator drew the cover images for most of the series, haha.

Here is the link to the blog: Cliquey Pizza

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Tip of the day:

Buy produce at ethnic markets to save money. Often times veggies and fruits are much cheaper than their chain counterparts (Vons, Albertsons, etc.). Today at the local Glatt market (Jewish) I bought one white onion for $.33, at $.69 a lb. Once I bought it for $.20!

Monday, January 21, 2013

My Two Cents

A musing:

I saw this on Facebook a week or two ago (see image below) and I was disgusted. To be honest, I haven't been following the gun debate that much, but I have a handful of Facebook "friends" who are apparently gun-happy and posting gems like photos of a ton of guns with the slogan "SECOND AMENDMENT: Because one day we'll need this right to protect the rest of our rights" and "Back in  the 1950s and even later, many high schools had shooting ranges. Students even brought their own rifles. What changed in society that we could trust such activities then, but now now?"

When I saw this lil beaut, and I thought "WTF!"
Hopefully that person really doesn't think that having the right to own assault rifles is as important as having racial equality. I definitely don't see them as the same fight.

I'm not a gun person, so I don't understand the love and passion that people have for them. I get having guns in your house for protection or as a hobby for hunting, but why do you need to own some crazy ass machine gun or whatnot, especially if you have kids in the house. Parents - lock that sh*t up, so your kids can't have access to them!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Song on Repeat

I just heard this song on the radio that I actually liked (and that wasn't on KCRW):

Atlast Genius - "Trojans"

This song is from 2011, so I'm a little late to the game.

Here's a cool remix too: