Friday, March 8, 2013

Age of Empires

This video is only funny if you played the computer game. Also, 10 seconds is more than enough of the priest's converting speech (aka the "wo lo lo") since this is a 10 minute video of just those sounds. Sadly this video shows just a stock image - if I remember correctly, in the game the priests sway a little when healing/converting.

Anyways, that game was totally awesome! I used to play it in the summers, and it was even more fun because I knew the cheat codes (which I would only use if it looked like my little colony would not survive - plus it took FOREVER to advance to the next age).

In the game, after using cheat codes to build my wealth, I would build a ton of houses (so I could have more men), and then after advancing, build military buildings, education centers, and temples. I would build the maximum number of temples so I could get a lot of priests. And then I would build a fleet of ships, with half of them filled with priests. Then I would go around and convert enemy/opposing colonies. It was pretty fun as a game.

Of  course the game had only so many levels, so once you reached the silver age (I think???), and you reached your maximum colony size, you couldn't do anything else.

I kind of wish I still had that game, just so I could play it again (aka cheat to win).

 Ok I just looked around Amazon to see if they even have any copies for Macs, and they are all like $! It's like $10 for the PC version!

Also the highest level in the original game (the only one I've played) is the Iron!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Another story about my hurr.

I finally got a haircut. Nothing drastic - the usual. AKA side bangs and layers.

But it was good to cut the length (even if it was just a few inches), because my hair was starting to get scraggly, and my bangs had grown out, so my fivehead was showing like a beacon in the sky - I hadn't cut my hair in 6 months!