Thursday, December 25, 2014

Happy Holidays (Ya Filthy Animal)!

Ok, ok, that is not the line that Kevin McCallister says in Home Alone (it's "Keep the change, ya filthy animal" ...but I'm sure you knew that), but we will make do.

Since it's the holidays and I'm all for nostalgia, I'll share some of my favorite holiday commercials from the past.

Honey Nut Cheerios (1989):

I remember seeing this commercial as a kid. It features the Honey Nut Cheerio bee (does he have a name??) who offers Scrooge some of the namesake cereal. Good times.

Also, this commercial is 25 years old. TWENTY-FIVE.YEARS.OLD. I feel like this commercial is only 10 years old, but I forget that the 90's are now twenty years ago.

Folgers (1988)
Another 80's gem. I feel like I saw this on TV as well, but I don't know how long they (Folgers) aired this spot*, so I could have possibly seen it on a (home recorded) VHS tape.

When I see this spot, it feels so 80's, hah.

* EDIT: apparently they ran it for 13 years!

Hershey Kisses (1989)
I saw this commercial last year, and I remember thinking "they are still airing this?" You can tell it was made in the 80's/early 90's (it's got that "look") so it definitely contrasted with all the HD created and emotion-driven ads of today. I did some googling and Hershey has apparently run this spot every holiday season since it was created.

Lastly, I am not original, as someone else has already written a 2013 post about these (and 9 other) 'classic' holiday commercials.


Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Embarrassing Story

Let me preface this story by letting you all know that I am the kind of person that needs to air my "dirty laundry" when embarrassed, aka tell everyone and their mom.

So this story JUST happened:

I was browsing GILT on my iPhone this evening, since they sent me a 40% off code that was expiring soon (let me add that I am a sucker for promo codes and will browse sites because of them). For some reason about a week ago I had added in my shopping cart a Kitchen Aid mixer (I think to see how much it would cost with the discount). I do not need a mixer and have no intentions of buying one, so I kind of forgot that it was in my cart (I tend to put things in my virtual cart, even when I don't intend to buy anything).

Anywho, I was pretty sleepy, so I closed my eyes...and next thing I know I had dozed off! And had somehow ordered the $300 Kitchen Aid mixer. That was final sale. That I did not want to buy!!! I immediately searched their website to see if there was a way to cancel the order myself. I didn't find anything, so I called customer service next. Since it was after business hours, all I got was an automated message. I then quickly sent out an email noting my stupid mistake, and also tweeted at their customer service handle.

For a few minutes I was slightly panicking, in case I was stuck was a mixer I don't really need in my life. That was also being shipped to Carlos' house (the last saved address, I guess).

Then, a Christmas miracle happened (jk, jk) - I received a customer service email just a few minutes after mine, and they informed me that they were able to successfully cancel my order.

So, thank you GILT customer service.

 PSA: don't browse/"window shop" while tired, because you might accidentally buy something (this applies if you have items in your cart and your information is saved).

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Star Search

I stumbled across this video a week or two ago, and I think it's pretty awesome.

It's a size comparison video of the largest known star - VY Canis Majoris.

Sometimes I get so focused on my life and the day-to-day, that I forget there is a big world - nay - universe out there.

Here's another good one.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

A Decade Ago...

I graduated high school (ok, technically that was in June).

I bring this up because this  weekend is my high school reunion, which makes me sad because I'm getting old (although I don't LOOK old). I now can't blame my life's failures on youthful naivete.

I am such a sucker for reminiscing/anything that incurs nostalgia, so to commemorate this occasion, let's take a quick trip down memory lane to the year 2004....

This was a time when phones weren't smart, when ringtones were polymonophonic , and (most) people used a discman if they wanted to listen to music on the go. I blogged on Xanga, networked on MySpace, chatted with friends on AIM (I still do that), and took pictures with disposable cameras.

Speaking of photos on film, I took a photo of this actual photo. This is what 2004 Betty looked like (HINT: she looks a lot like 2014 Betty, except like 10-15 lbs lighter):

"As our lives change, come whatever, may we still be friends foreverrrrrrr" - Vitamin C Graduation lyrics (close enough)

High school me was really into (pop) punk rock, being busy/stressed, not participating in typical teenage shenanigans, and drinking Pepsi. My favorite TV show was Gilmore Girls (yay, a smart girl on TV!), my favorite movie was (probably) Zoolander, and I loved shopping at PacSun and American Eagle (I also thought I was pretty stylin' in my Vans slip-ons). On occasion I would treat myself to a grilled stuft chicken burrito from Taco Bell, and The Olive Garden was my "fancy" restaurant of choice. I was a bit angsty/emo, always bemoaning about unrequited love ("boo hooooo").  A typical Friday night consisted of me studying/doing something related to an extracurricular/watching TV. I thought I might major in psychology once I was in college (an actual career wasn't yet fleshed out in my mind).

If you had asked high school me where I would be in 10 years, the life I lead now is not what I would have expected. I think I would have thought I would have a long-term career, a house, maybe a family by now (28 seemed sooooo old, so I automatically should have my life together).

 It's funny how the past 10 years now seem like a'll be interesting to see what the next 10 years will be like.

Friday, August 8, 2014

A DIY - Making My Own Stenciled Mug (Not Yet Completed)

As a few of you know, my BELOVED Anchorman mug that I purchased at the Newseum in Washington, DC came to its tragic end during my stay in Jamaica (because of my butterfingers):

I was going to purchase a few on the Newseum online shop, but due to laziness/cheapness/forgetfulness (I was hoping for a sale), I didn't get around to checking the site til this past week. And of course by this time, the mugs were sold out online. I emailed customer service and they told me that they weren't going to be re-stocked (since the Anchorman exhibit is ending at the end of August) and the mugs had been sold out at the physical gift shop for over a month.

I searched eBay and Craigslist, but alas I haven't seen any pop up.

So just a few days ago I thought, 'Why not try to make them myself?' It looks like all I need are:
- plain diner mugs
- black acrylic paint
- small paint brush
- a pin or tack (to fix any smudges)
- adhesive vinyl (to make the stencil)
- small exacto blade (to cut the stencil)
- print out of my design(s)

There are quite a few tutorials online (thanks, Pinterest!); here's one that I came across during my brief Googling: the Crafty Collaborative.

As I have no graphic design skills, I had to resort to getting images from the interwebz and downloading free fonts to get the look I wanted for the text [edit: I did do some minor editing via this amazing free Photoshop-esque site called Pixlr].

I'm not planning on selling these (they aren't my designs anyway), so I thought I'd share my ideas:

  From top to bottom: Flight of the Conchords, Anchorman (pretty much the same design as my old mug), Ron Swanson (Parks and Rec) and Kenny Powers (Eastbound & Down). The face design would be on one side, with the text on the other. Yes, it will be a beezy to cut out all the text.

As you can tell, I really like the silhouette outline design, and that I sadly have no female characters. (A quick Google search didn't give me any silhouette options for my favorite lady characters). With the people I chose, you can tell they have distinct facial hair, which makes it easy to ID when using the silhouette look.

I haven't purchased any of the materials, but once I do, I'll give an update.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Santa's Village Re-Opening, Apparently

As a little kid, I remember watching the Santa's Village commercials on the local TV stations. We never went, but I remember my sister saying that she used to want to go there when she was little.

So 80's:

[After watching this spot (the only available one on YouTube), I swear the voice-over was in a peppier tone, but it's been so long, I could be wrong].

The park opened in the 50's, and closed in the late 90's. Apparently a (wealthy) local bought the property and will re-open the amusement park next year.

This blog post has a nice little write-up of the history and closing of the park : Santa's Village

Friday, May 23, 2014

A Pointless Rant on Printing Coupons

Gather 'round, children, as I tell the tale of why I got mad over printing a stupid Walmart coupon.

Once upon a time (about 3 hours ago), I was planning on going to Walmart with my mum, as I needed to get some things for my stay in the desert (I was sick and lethargic when I packed, so I didn't come prepared!).

Being a clever girl, I decided to search the Walmart website for coupons that I could print out (our local Walmart does not accept mobile coupons - the cashiers need hard copies for corporate(?)). Luckily for me I found two coupons that I needed, and proceeded to "clip" and print them.

I had plugged in the cord to the home printer, but apparently my default was set to my LA printer, so alas the coupon did not print. Attempting to rectify the situation, I corrected the error. However, the website would not allow me to print again!

I then attempted to use another browser, but that did not solve the problem; I cleared my cache and history, but the website was too smart. I then moved on to my third plan of attack - use my father's computer.  I re-plugged the printer back to his computer tower, and then attempted to print said coupons. Unfortunately my father's operating system did not allow for printing, so the coupon website had me forward as an email. 

I typed in my address, hit "submit" and then proceeded to search my inbox. Upon opening the email message, I clicked the "print" button -  a new tab opened in the browser, but nothing happened. Now I was getting frustrated. But this frustration was fuel for me to keep (stupidly) trying. 

My fourth attempt was to use my smart phone, which required me again to forward to an email address. This time I tried to use my own computer, but I guess because of the previous attempts, when I opened the email, nothing happened.

Now I was really annoyed. Why was this so complicated? Why couldn't the stupid friggin' website just let me print the coupon via PDF? I understand they don't want duplicates, but their process of automatically printing the coupon doesn't take into the account any printer issues - what if the printer jams? What if you can't print at that moment because you are either not near a printer and just want to print it later? What if you're accidentally connected to the wrong printer and didn't realize it so you decide to try to change it but it doesn't help anyways? I'm sure they could set up a way so that once the coupon is scanned in store, then that coupon code can't be used again.


Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Kelly Kapoor Is Hilarious

I have been trying to figure out this quote and scene from The Office for awhile, and today I was able to solve it, thanks to Tumblr!

I'm not encouraging cyber-bullying or eating disorders; rather I found it funny that a grown woman would be fighting on IM with a teenager.

Source: here

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Classic Cartoons - Tom and Jerry

For some reason just now (ok, about an hour ago), I had the sudden desire to look up old Tom and Jerry cartoons. I remember watching them on home-recorded VHS tapes.

Luckily for modern technology, someone has uploaded them on are a few of my favorites:

Rock 'n' Rodent (1967)

I remember thinking this was a weird cartoon, but I really liked it for some reason. Jerry goes down in a cute mouse-size elevator to a beatnik-y mouse jazz club. The mice are too loud, waking a sleeping Tom, and fighting ensues.

Neapolitan Mouse (1954)
Tom and Jerry head to Naples, Italy where they meet a mouse named Topo. Topo doesn't like it when bigger animals pick on smaller animals, so he at first teaches Tom a lesson, til they come across some bullying dogs and team up against them.

My favorite scene as a kid was the cheese rolling scene (near the end).

Superstocker (1980)
Tom is in charge of a grocery store - he and Jerry start fighting and end up trashing the store.

My favorite part is when Tom looks for Jerry in the cereal boxes (when cereals were touting their boxed prizes).

[Edit: Can't tell what language the last cartoon is in...odd].

Monday, February 24, 2014

I've Got One Ticket to Paradise...

Wow, I can't believe I haven't posted since October.

In a nutshell:
-spent Thanksgiving in the desert with my oldest sister and her family (including my nephew)

-decided to make a big decision by leaving my job (in January) to spend time with my other sister and her new baby in JAMAICA!
- said niece was born on 12/20
- went to DC with my parents for Christmas to see my sister, niece, and bro-in-law

- extended work end date to end of January

- in early to mid-February, I shuttled time between Oceanside, the desert and LA to spend time with family
- left for Jamaica for a two-month stay on 2/22!

Michael Scott says it best.

I just completed my full second day in Jamaica, and will report more shortly.