Friday, May 23, 2014

A Pointless Rant on Printing Coupons

Gather 'round, children, as I tell the tale of why I got mad over printing a stupid Walmart coupon.

Once upon a time (about 3 hours ago), I was planning on going to Walmart with my mum, as I needed to get some things for my stay in the desert (I was sick and lethargic when I packed, so I didn't come prepared!).

Being a clever girl, I decided to search the Walmart website for coupons that I could print out (our local Walmart does not accept mobile coupons - the cashiers need hard copies for corporate(?)). Luckily for me I found two coupons that I needed, and proceeded to "clip" and print them.

I had plugged in the cord to the home printer, but apparently my default was set to my LA printer, so alas the coupon did not print. Attempting to rectify the situation, I corrected the error. However, the website would not allow me to print again!

I then attempted to use another browser, but that did not solve the problem; I cleared my cache and history, but the website was too smart. I then moved on to my third plan of attack - use my father's computer.  I re-plugged the printer back to his computer tower, and then attempted to print said coupons. Unfortunately my father's operating system did not allow for printing, so the coupon website had me forward as an email. 

I typed in my address, hit "submit" and then proceeded to search my inbox. Upon opening the email message, I clicked the "print" button -  a new tab opened in the browser, but nothing happened. Now I was getting frustrated. But this frustration was fuel for me to keep (stupidly) trying. 

My fourth attempt was to use my smart phone, which required me again to forward to an email address. This time I tried to use my own computer, but I guess because of the previous attempts, when I opened the email, nothing happened.

Now I was really annoyed. Why was this so complicated? Why couldn't the stupid friggin' website just let me print the coupon via PDF? I understand they don't want duplicates, but their process of automatically printing the coupon doesn't take into the account any printer issues - what if the printer jams? What if you can't print at that moment because you are either not near a printer and just want to print it later? What if you're accidentally connected to the wrong printer and didn't realize it so you decide to try to change it but it doesn't help anyways? I'm sure they could set up a way so that once the coupon is scanned in store, then that coupon code can't be used again.