Saturday, October 25, 2014

A Decade Ago...

I graduated high school (ok, technically that was in June).

I bring this up because this  weekend is my high school reunion, which makes me sad because I'm getting old (although I don't LOOK old). I now can't blame my life's failures on youthful naivete.

I am such a sucker for reminiscing/anything that incurs nostalgia, so to commemorate this occasion, let's take a quick trip down memory lane to the year 2004....

This was a time when phones weren't smart, when ringtones were polymonophonic , and (most) people used a discman if they wanted to listen to music on the go. I blogged on Xanga, networked on MySpace, chatted with friends on AIM (I still do that), and took pictures with disposable cameras.

Speaking of photos on film, I took a photo of this actual photo. This is what 2004 Betty looked like (HINT: she looks a lot like 2014 Betty, except like 10-15 lbs lighter):

"As our lives change, come whatever, may we still be friends foreverrrrrrr" - Vitamin C Graduation lyrics (close enough)

High school me was really into (pop) punk rock, being busy/stressed, not participating in typical teenage shenanigans, and drinking Pepsi. My favorite TV show was Gilmore Girls (yay, a smart girl on TV!), my favorite movie was (probably) Zoolander, and I loved shopping at PacSun and American Eagle (I also thought I was pretty stylin' in my Vans slip-ons). On occasion I would treat myself to a grilled stuft chicken burrito from Taco Bell, and The Olive Garden was my "fancy" restaurant of choice. I was a bit angsty/emo, always bemoaning about unrequited love ("boo hooooo").  A typical Friday night consisted of me studying/doing something related to an extracurricular/watching TV. I thought I might major in psychology once I was in college (an actual career wasn't yet fleshed out in my mind).

If you had asked high school me where I would be in 10 years, the life I lead now is not what I would have expected. I think I would have thought I would have a long-term career, a house, maybe a family by now (28 seemed sooooo old, so I automatically should have my life together).

 It's funny how the past 10 years now seem like a'll be interesting to see what the next 10 years will be like.