Monday, February 9, 2015

A DIY - Follow Up Post

My mug dreams became a reality this past Christmas! As you may recall, in just a few posts prior I wrote a DIY post about making my own mug designs after I had broken my Anchorman one. My sister helped me print out the stencils, and over the holiday my sisters and I (well more them than me) made the "Rons" designs (Burgundy and Swanson).

To be honest, if my sister hadn't made the stencils, I probably wouldn't be enjoying my coffee in these awesome mugs (because it would have been a pain to make the stencils) thank you, sisters!

So, how do you make these bad boys/girls?

1) First, use the tutorial I referenced in my earlier post on how to make your own stenciled mug.

2) Gather your supplies!

    You will need:
      * vinyl
      * a silhouette cameo to cut out the stencils (or find someone who has one because they are $$$)
      * mug shape of your choice (I chose the diner mug style via
      * black acrylic paint
      * small foam brush
      * a safety pin to help remove stray paint/pick out your stencil

 [I have no idea how the silhouette cameo works so we are jumping straight to when you have the stencil already]

3) Get your stencil ready by removing the parts that you want to stencil in (in this case, the hair/facial hair and the actual letters of the sayings I picked). I used a safety pin to help get the letters out:

4) Apply both of your stencils on the mug EVER SO CAREFULLY (so make sure that your stencil is placed exactly where you want it to be).

Since you're working on a curved surface, the vinyl won't lay flat - smooth out the edges along the face (where the paint will touch), because you don't want the paint to "leak out." Do both sides before painting so that you don't have to wait for one side to dry (before you can apply the other side's stencil).

[ sorry, no photo of the stencil actually on the mug]

5) Get a little bit of paint on the paint brush and begin to dab along the white space of your stencil (the hair and the letters). Dab and don't use paint strokes because paint strokes will leave the streak imprints.

6) Quickly remove the it off like a band aid (unless you peel them slowly, which in your case, just remove it quickly). You want to remove it right away so that the paint doesn't drip/smear/rub.

7) Use a safety pin to remove any loose paint (also in the photo below the face should also have been removed right away).

8) Step back and admire your handiwork.

9) Then let the mugs air dry (read the directions on the paint bottle) before baking (to keep the paint on the mugs).

10) Enjoy your mugs and be the coolest person in the room.

- use simple silhouettes (i.e. not a lot of detail, like loose hair strands showing, etc.)
- use a thick font for any lettering, and also keep the saying simple.
- find a friend with the silhouette cameo, because those are awesome!