Saturday, April 18, 2015

They're Not Related?

I watched Interstellar recently, and had watched Blended on TV(it was on one of the premium movie channels, but I forget which one) last week, and it struck me that teen actress Bella Thorne (in Blended) looked a lot like Academy-Award nominee Jessica Chastain.

(images via Google search).

EDIT: 6/17/15: Adding in Bryce Dallas Howard, who looks more Jessica Chastain-ish.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

What's in a Name?

I recently saw someone post on Facebook the personality characteristics of their name. That got me intrigued, so I searched for a site and came across this one: First Name Meanings.

I searched for my name, and here is what the site had to say about (female) Bettys (I highlighted what I agree with):

Who is she?
Betty   is a sweet-tempered and charming woman once you get to know her, however she can appear introverted, conventional and wary at first. She is highly emotional and extremely sensitive, to the extent where she is vulnerable to the slightest emotional trauma. She tends to protect herself through a certain reserve, although this doesn´t prevent her from being a generous and altruistic soul. Of considerable emotional plasticity, she can easily be hurt or even wounded by life, and Betty   can be known to escape into daydreams and fantasies that are more or less unrealistic or utopic. She is fascinated by all that is weird and wonderful, and could even be tempted by artificial paradises (especially if she was born on the 9th, 18th or 27th day of the month). Because she cares so deeply about her family and takes the corresponding responsibilities seriously, Betty   often forgets her own needs in the process. With such virtues, as a child she makes the perfect big sister who can fill in for her mother if necessary. However beware of the danger in taking advantage of her big heart: she is only too ready to sacrifice herself or to assume the role of the "victim"... Love and affection are necessary for her to bloom and her upbringing doesn´t need to be very firm. Indeed all forms of aggression or guilt-tripping are to be avoided because Betty   is already of scrupulous nature, and it would be preferable that this doesn´t become stifling. And last, but not least, it would be desirable for her to practice an artistic or musical hobby, as well as any form of artistic expression (the theatre for example), which would provide an outlet for her potentially overwhelming emotions.

What does she like?
A humanist, Betty   likes to devote herself to a cause, especially to movements concerned with solidarity and community - even mysticism. Receptive, intuitive and highly imaginative, she loves to dream and romanticize and is therefore interested in art and all forms of expression. In matters of the heart, her challenge will be to establish her limits, because her selflessness can result in situations where her happiness is not necessarily on the menu.

What does she do?
She excels in occupations of a humanitarian or social nature, unless it has a true vocation (art, religion, law, education or health, especially if she was born on the 6th, 9th, 15th, 18th, 24th or 27th day of the month). Anything unusual or unconventional would equally be suitable (healer, parapsychologist, dowser...), commercial occupations or those in connection with food (hotels, bakery, cuisine, dietetics...), occupations in connection with the public and travel.

I'd say this is pretty on point...I'm super-duper sensitive, it's easy to make me feel guilty, I love my family and trying to be helpful.

I decided to look up my sisters too:

Who is she?
Discreet and reserved in appearance, Emily   is a sociable and communicative lady. She is wary and quite selective, which means that she doesn´t take friendship lightly and tends to remain on the defensive at first. Rather distant, she nonetheless possesses a certain distinction. Active and resourceful, she feels the need to affirm herself, which is not always an easy task thanks to the presence of the karmic 1. Her efforts can be inconsistent, slowed down by worry, doubt and uncertainty. She is perfectly capable, however, of assuming her responsibilities and can be very brave if necessary. She proves to be particularly efficient when faced with real difficulty, and is able to take charge of a situation with a natural authority that is above all suspicion. She is concerned about her image and wishes to be a living breathing example to others. She is extremely sensitive but a little undisciplined and subject to fluctuations in mood; going through phases of extroversion where, enthusiastic and communicative, she actively seeks the company of others (more pronounced if she was born on a 3rd, 12th, 21st or 30th, or if her life Path Number is 3); followed by periods of introversion, where she is more solemn, internalized and anxious, tending to seek retreat from the world and solitude (especially if she was born on the 2nd, 7th, 11th, 16th, 20th, 25th or 29th day of the month; or if her life Path Number is 2, 7 or 11). Animated by a deep curiosity, she has many interests but is particularly fascinated by anything that is out of the ordinary. As a child, Emily   could have trouble affirming herself, so it would therefore be wise to encourage her autonomy by entrusting her with responsibilities from a tender age and allowing her individuality to blossom. She is capable of making a smooth and sudden transformation from an almost silent, reserved little girl into an incessant chatterbox if one is successful in winning her trust. Encourage her to make the most of her creative and artistic talents, as well as her aptitude for learning other languages, music and singing...

What does she like?
Often young at heart, lively, cheerful, mischievous and spontaneous, Emily   loves chatting with her friends, with whom she likes nothing better than to have a laugh and a good time, and could sometimes be accused of seeking an easy life. She often has a good sense of humour and thoroughly enjoys finding the right words to express herself and communicate with others; to be able to exchange and create is to live her passion, and the rest of her life tends to be arranged around these essential principles. She is into everything, which could lead her to become dissipated or prevent her from fully exploring a topic before something else hijacks her attention. In love, she isn´t quite as simple as she appears to be. Her flexible and open nature is endearing and could give you the impression that nothing bothers her, but this isn´t quite the case. She is extremely tolerant but everyone has their limits, and suddenly and without warning she will make sure that you understand that you have overstepped the mark. She can be very authoritarian and bossy at times, the saying � let he who loves me follow me � could easily have come out of her mouth...

What does she do?
There are several possibilities: Emily   could be attracted to a career in marketing, where mobility and dynamism are prerequisite; or in connection with oral or written expression, teaching or languages..., she could otherwise choose a liberal or independent occupation, in relation to creativity, public relations and the many areas of communication or artistic expression; media, broadcasting or fashion...


Who is she?
Introverted, discreet and reserved, Susan   tends to protect herself from a world that worries her a little. She is shy and very selective in her personal relationships and Susan   would much prefer to be single than in a bad relationship. A cerebral lady, she is inclined to speculation and is easily anxious and worried, with quite a pessimistic outlook on this world that she finds so troubling. She is pragmatic, rational and instinctively wary and often needs to reassure herself. On the other hand, she is reliable and is definitely somebody who can be counted on. She is attentive to others and is of sound moral character. If she lives her active number at the level of the 2, she will be sensitive, impressionable and seek security above all. Affectionate, tender and receptive to others, self-protection comes naturally to her in the light of the many problems and difficulties that she imagines are possible. She is therefore likely to lead quite a monotonous life which is nonetheless stable and well-organized. If she can live this same active number in harmony with the vibrations of the master number 11, she will experience transformation and develop incredible inner strength as well as an ascendency over others. With the help of her intuition, her understanding of human psychology combined with her inspiration will enable her to accomplish her social and humanitarian goals. She will reap the fruits of her efforts as long as she remains tenacious and perseverant. A high level of nervous tension is a side effect of the vibrations of this master number, so she must learn to channel her energy. As a child, she requires plenty of love and affection, in spite of the fact that she is bashful and doesn´t know how to respond to blatant displays of affection. But the more love, encouragement and stimulation that she receives, the healthier her development will be. Likewise, she will do much better at school if her teacher shows an active interest in her education. She is well-behaved and responsible, even a little too much sometimes; and she isn´t afraid of solitude which is a sanctuary to her. She prefers doing things by herself to group games and activities.

What does she like?
She enjoys peace and quiet, simplicity and all that is natural. She loathes pretentiousness, small talk and gossip; and seeks security and stability more than anything else. With her practical and rational mind she is often interested in the latest technology and enjoys planning and organizing - probably because she worries about being unprepared for unexpected. The master number 22 enables her to achieve great feats in her lifetime, and her large capacity for work will serve her well. In matter of the heart, she is loyal and affectionate, although she isn´t particularly demonstrative because she can have difficulty expressing her emotions. On the other hand, you should know that if she´s in love with you, it´s for life!

What does she do?
Susan   could find her niche in one of the scientific or technical professions, in liaison with modernism and avant-garde technology as well as occupations concerned with the land, nature, science and animals or the social sciences (psychology or parapsychology), she could equally excel in a career requiring precision and thoroughness, such as dressmaking.


Sistas, what do you think? They on the ball, or way off target?

Click on the link mentioned above to see what your name says about you!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Mini Mid-Century Modern

Earlier this evening, I happened to be browsing mid-century modern decor (think early Mad Men) when my search led me to Etsy. Some Etsy sellers were selling their hand-made furniture, which I thought was pretty cool.

Upon a closer inspection on one of the images on the search page,  it turned out to be a miniature model (i.e. for dollhouses)! This led me down a rabbit-hole of miniature furniture searches on Etsy, because I'm a weirdo like that. I don't own a dollhouse, and I am not planning on buying any such items, but I find it really fascinating and impressive how realistic these items are (all photos are from Etsy seller pages).

This is probably the only time you can find mid-century modern decor in the double-digits (most of the time, it's sold for $$$ or $$$$, especially if it's authentic MCM!). Considering the prices of these items, you're still going to be spending some mad cheddar for these mini replicas!

miniature coffee table (via FashionDollStore )

miniature dining table and chairs (via MiniModels )

miniature credenza (via miniCHAIR )

miniature armchair (via ItsPerfectlyPetite )

another miniature credenza, desk, and bed (via minisx2 )

(side note: the doors/drawers OPEN!!)

miniature record player (via MIMOstudio )

 (side note: the record player lid actually opens and closes!)

To reiterate, all the items featured are actually teeny tiny, as in "made for Barbies." Pretty cool, huh?!?