Saturday, May 2, 2015

JENO'S Pizza Back in Stock???

I finally decided to pick up the week's mail, and as I was browsing through the stack of grocery ads, I happened to flip through the 99¢ Store ad and what do I see before my eyes:

JENO'S Pizza!!! WHAT?!?!

For those of you not aware, I had been in search of JENO'S Pizza for a few years, after they mysteriously disappeared from grocery store shelves - I even wrote a blog post about it.

I am pretty excited, but I am still proceeding with caution, as I have not yet checked out any stores. But if they are indeed in stock, you can bet that I will be grabbing at least a dozen (realistically probably just a few because my freezer already is full of ice cream).

Side note: ice is cheap at the 99¢ Store! And if you want to know how to include the ¢ symbol in your own blog post, just use OPTION+4 on a Mac, and ALT+0155 on a PC (supposedly, but I don't have a PC to confirm this).

EDIT (8/29/15):  I meant to post this earlier, but the JENO's pizza I bought seemed a little bland (from my memory, I recall them having a "sweeter" sauce, which I loved). So sad :(