Friday, June 19, 2015

Satirical Songs

 Some Friday Funnies: (Referencing this Reddit post (click here).

Pop songs get a reputation for being unoriginal and formulaic, but that's why they are so popular ("this sounds like that other song"). I don't really consider myself a "pop" (what people typically think of pop music) fan, but I definitely think there are songs that are catchy, and some that I even don't mind listening to. Anywho, I came across this post about this joke pop song, and other people listed other satirical songs, which a few I listed below.

The 2010s Dance Pop Song
Mariana's Trench - Pop 101

 When they sing "Higher-Desire-Fire" I immediately heard Rebecca Black's Friday where she sings "Partying, Partying, Yeah!"

The Sampled-in-a-Commercial Upbeat Song
Jon Lajoie - Please Use This Song

 This is pretty catchy. Also I was super impressed with the production quality of this video - the scenes looked like they could be an actual commercial!

The 90s R&B/Boy Band Love Ballad
Da Vinci's Notebook - Title of the Song

I was getting a Boys II Men/BSB vibe. Also, those are some thesaurus-quality lyrics!

BONUS:  Pops songs are all the same??
Axis of Awesome - 4 Chords