Sunday, August 30, 2015

How to Print Coupons in Black and White

My printer is set to black and white, but whenever I printed coupons from the interwebs, they would still come out in color. The thing with printing coupons online is that you can't set your printing preferences as the coupons are automatically printed.

I Googled a bit, but I must have not been using the correct terms because the search results were not helping me.

However, I was finally able to figure out my issue. I still don't quite understand why I have to go through Terminal (mainly because I really don't know what Terminal does - insert embarrassed emoji), but I followed the directions and saw that the printing preference was still in color.

See here from (also pasted below).

How do I change the print mode of my printer on Macintosh?

Our Coupon Printer uses the default settings set in your printer software. You must make any changes there to affect what tray is used for printing, whether you print in color or grayscale, etc.

In order to have such applications adhere to your default settings, you have to interact with the underlying printing system CUPS. Please follow these steps:

1 You will need to use the Terminal application.

From your desktop, click Go menu and then click Utilities.
Double click Terminal to open.

Type and run cupsctl WebInterface=yes cupsctl.png

2 Open your internet browser and type http://localhost:631/

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3 Go to Printers.

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4 Select the printer to modify.

5 Choose Set Default Options from the second drop-down.

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6 Under General, set the necessary settings (the step may be different for your printer).

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7 Click Set Default Options button to save your changes.

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